Lucy’s BOOK 50 Great Walks in Florida , is a bestselling book published by University Press of Florida as part of their Wild Florida series. A great walk is a short but significant jaunt where you get some exercise, learn new things and are done in time for lunch.  Her latest book Circling the Center: Labyrinths in Florida will be available in Fall of 2018.  You can pre-order now.

  • Saturday Mornings with Lucy is Lucy’s monthly magazine (comes out the first Saturday of the month) about undiscovered Florida and beyond with easy adventures, environmental wonders and things that might amaze you right in your own back yard. Put your e mail at the right for a spam-free subscription.
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Lucy Beebe Tobias

Lucy Beebe Tobias is an award-winning author, photojournalist and illustrator creating lively and engaging books on environment, exploration and ecology. Her writing is family focused, senior welcoming and always eco-friendly. Tobias is a former newspaper reporter and photographer for the New York Times Regional Group. She served as Authentic Florida Expert for VISIT FLORIDA with blogs, stories and videos. Lucy is author of the best-selling book “50 Great Walks in Florida”  (University Press of Florida),  two editions of a gardening book “Florida Gardens Gone Wild” , the children’s book “Mary Margaret Manatee: the adventures of a young Florida manatee” available in English and Spanish and numerous other publications. Her work is available in print, as e-books and online with this web site.