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Lucy Beebe Tobias

Author Bio: Lucy Beebe Tobias is an award-winning author, photojournalist and illustrator creating lively and engaging books on environment, exploration and ecology. Her writing is family focused, senior welcoming and always eco-friendly. Tobias is a former newspaper reporter and photographer for the New York Times Regional Group. She served as Authentic Florida Expert for VISIT FLORIDA with blogs, stories and videos. Lucy is author of the best-selling book “50 Great Walks in Florida”  (University Press of Florida),  “Florida Gardens Gone Wild” and numerous other publications. Her work is available in print, as e-books and online at

Her motto is:

“Have notebook and camera, will chase stories.”
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lucy tobias

Lucy, a resident of Sarasota, Florida, is a member of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association, the North American Travel Journalists Association and a volunteer with the Mote Marine Turtle Patrol along with Sunshine Corgi Rescue and an active member of the Sarasota County Butterfly Club and ABC Books 4 Children and Adults
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